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Central Bank of Brazil Digital Currency

On December 3rd, IFL Dialogues hosts the Central Bank of Brazil for a dialogue about the CBDC – Central Bank Digital Currency pilot.

December 3rd, Rio de Janeiro

Despite their enormous impact on markets, the more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies have not yet been configured in the classic functions of money as a means of payment, a unit of purchase, or a store of value. Even so, the topic “digital currencies” has spurred, and continues to spur, interest from both the public and private sectors.

A 2020 survey of 66 central banks by the Bank for International Settlements shows that more than 86% of them are working on Central Bank Digital Currencies projects.  The private sector also has demonstrated an increasingly growing appetite for operating in the segment.

The theme is of strategic importance for any country. As networks of new digital currencies grow, the balance of power of traditional currencies is sensitive to changes not only in distribution but also in the flow of trade and even sanctions.

On December 3IFL Dialogues hosts the Central Bank of Brazil for a dialogue about the Central Bank Digital Currency pilot.

Since 2014 IFL Dialogues has connected entrepreneurs, academics and opinion leaders in the technology field to contribute ideas on complex topics that have high impact in society.  

IFL Dialogues are invitation-only.  Please request your invitation by filling out the form below.

IFL Dialogue meetings are invitation-only. If you would like to contribute to the dialogue, apply by answering the following questions:

topics to be covered at the event

Money in the Digital Age: CBDC & the Role of Central Banks


The role of the Central Bank

Definition and motivation of CBDC

Use cases

CBDC Design & Trade-offs: Core Considerations

The role of the Private Sector


Friday, December 3rd 2021

Venue: Gávea Golf Clube – Estrada da Gávea, 800 – São Conrado, Rio de Janeiro – RJ


8:30 | Welcome Coffee

9:00 | Opening Remarks
Marcelo Sampaio | Hashdex CEO and Maria Clara Araujo | President IFL Dialogues

9:15 | CDBCs as a Global Phenomena – What to expect now?
Sandra Ro | Global Blockchain Business Council CEO
Julio Vasconcellos | Founding & Managing Partner at Atlantico Fund

10:00 | Break

10:15 | The Cripto Real and the Brazilian CBDC Innitiative
Brazilian Central Bank

11:15 | The Digital Future of Money and its impacts in Society
Gustavo Franco | Former President of the Brazilian Central Bank
Marcelo Sampaio | Hashdex CEO

12:00 | Closing & Lunch

IFL Dialogues is a free initiative of Brazilian citizens, created in 2014. We provide frank dialogues on complex topics with the objective of generating applicable knowledge with a transforming impact on society. Over the past few years our ideas have reached more than 70,000 people. Learn more here.

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